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Vision Casket - Corrugated Fiberboard
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Gerald Davis, Alan and Mark Elder are no strangers to the industry as they introduced and perfected the Elderlite Corrugated Fiberboard caskets decades ago.

Just like the Elderlite, Vision Casket’s Lightweight cloth covered casket bodies are made with leak resistant lined triple-wall corrugated fiberboard that can support well over one thousand pounds. The lids are constructed from multiple layers of precision die cut and shaped corrugated materials reinforced with multiple cross members (called “bridges”) to create exceptional strength. 

All Vision caskets with raised top dome lids (K and E styles) include cremation friendly crank adjustable beds to facilitate enhanced viewing of the body. While many in the industry call these lightweight caskets “cardboard”, the correct legal terminology is “corrugated fiberboard”.

Vision Casket
Vision Casket